I admit it. I love Daylight Savings Time.

Not the actual day when it happens, of course. The morning of Daylight Savings can be a disorienting mess. But to me, it's all worth it, because at 6 PM that day I'll be looking outside and have the sudden realization that the sun is still out.

I love that! The moment I realize that, it feels like spring has arrived, even if there's still snow on the ground. DST is the beginning of spring, and for the next 8-ish months, the days feel longer.

And at what cost? Beyond the minor disorientation of this weekend in March, what am I losing? 4 AM sun in the summer? What am I going to do with sun at 4 AM? Listen to the birds chirp an hour earlier?

I know I'm in the minority. Everyone wants to get rid of DST... and over the past few years, that argument is something I've also appreciated. We, as a society, are running out of things to be united about. Many major topics that used to be debated in relatively rational ways have gotten political and partisan. It used to be that we could at least talk about the weather with a stranger, but now that's even a potential hazard if the topic of global climate change pops up.

But Daylight Savings Time... everyone hates that! We can all gather together, regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, and hate it together! The only people stopping us are those crazy few that actually LIKE Daylight Savings Ti...


I did not think this through very well.