When I was 5, I began taking piano lessons. By age 11, I was sick of them. My musical story might have ended there, had I not made the discovery along the way that what I really loved was composing my own music and finding my own style.

Now, I have the privilege of being a professional musician for a variety of video games, and can't wait to compose more. Check out my professional demo reel to the right, or click the playlists below for a more detailed look at my music.


Club Penguin - An online virtual world with a new monthly theme provided the opportunity for very diverse kinds of music.

Contract Music - A playlist of music created for a variety of studios, including Rocketsnail Games, Hero Factor Games, Mathtoons, and many more!

Mech Mice Tactics - The most complete soundtrack experience I've ever had the chance to create. Contains some of my favorite compositions of all time.

Hyper Hippo Games - Songs that I composed for my recent employer, Hyper Hippo.

UNity Asset Store Packages

Tracker Music - 8-Bit - A collection of music and sound effects created with the limitations and abilities of the Nintendo Entertainment System sound chip.


An Orchestra of One - A general guide to becoming a better composer.