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Hi! I’m Chris Hendricks, a multi-talented music composer, video editor, and game developer from Kelowna, BC, Canada. Do you have a burning need to add music or video to your next project? Contact me! I can help!


Music composition

I’ve been composing music professionally since 2007 – and very unprofessionally since I was six years old. I’ve had contract work and commissions from a variety of companies.

Music Samples:


Game development

I was part of the original development team for Disney’s Club Penguin and developed a number of games and prototypes for Hyper Hippo Games.

3D Penguin.jpg


While most of my highest profile animation work was done for Disney’s Club Penguin, I’ve also been able to contribute to a few other games and short films as well.

Some of the recent updates to the Screenhog blog:

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