About ME

ME is the postal abbreviation for the American state of Maine. Maine is the easternmost state of the continental US. Its largest city is named Portland (a name shared by a city in Oregon), and its capital is Augusta (a name shared by a city in Georgia). The name of the state itself implies that it's pretty important, but since I don't hear about it in the news very frequently, I'd propose that they change the name of the state to "Secondarye" or "Auxillarye".


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My name is Chris Hendricks. I am a music composer, animator, programmer, illustrator, and game designer. These skills have taken me into a few different areas of the online world, but chances are you know me for my work on Club Penguin and/or Hyper Hippo Games, creating video game experiences in a variety of genres.

If you're trying to contact me, I have a form for doing just that! If you’re curious where else I’ve made my mark on the web, try my Twitter, LinkedIn, iMDB, or come visit my YouTube channel.