Have you ever played Settlers of Catan? It's this great board game that's won loads of awards. Well, in preparation for a local art show this Friday called "The Games We Play", I created this old-timey map based on that board game:

Conquest of Catan.jpg

Now, the funny thing is that, when I was first planning to do something Catan-themed for the art show, I was not planning to make a map at all. I was going to make a realistic-looking painting of Catan as seen from the air (the kind of thing you'd see advertising an island paradise in a travel brochure). It's why I practiced painting water for my previous Nemo-themed artwork. But I didn't like that idea and went with a map instead. Oddly enough, even though I absolutely love maps and study them frequently, I've never attempted to make one at this scale before. It was quite fun!

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